Hunter Insurance Services are Contractor Insurance specialists. We offer a broad range of Contractor Insurance coverages for both small and large construction companies. From Contractor General Liability Insurance to Inland Marine, Hunter Insurance has you covered.


Who Needs Contractor Insurance Coverage?


Contractor Insurance is commonly required by law for general contractors, contractors, and subcontractors, to legally operate their businesses. Risk and accidents are part of the business, but they don’t need to affect your profit margins. Obtaining your Contractors Insurance coverage through Hunter Insurance allows you to focus on project deadlines and productivity, while leaving your insurance concerns at the door.


 Contractor General Liability

Get an instant online quote on your Contractor General Liability Insurance. With just a little info, you will have a price in less than two minutes. Get your quote now. Click Here!

 Commercial Auto Insurance

In California, vehicles used for work are excluded from personal policies. This means the cars, trucks, and vans you’re using in your contractor business need to be protected by a Commercial Auto Insurance policy.

 California Contractor License Bond

We are excited to offer Instant Issue California Contractor License Bonds as low as $85/Year. Our automated contractor license bond system enables California contractors to quote, buy and issue a license bond online. Buy your license bond now. Click Here!

Contractor Performance Bonds

Contractor Performance Bonds are a type of contract bond which guarantees that a contractor will adhere to the terms and conditions of a contract according to contract specifications, terms, and conditions.


Contractor License Bonds

Contractor License Bonds are a contract in which a surety company promises the state that a contractor will not commit any violation of contractor license law that is grounds for disciplinary action against the license.

 Builders Risk Insurance

Buy a Builders Risk Insurance Policy online in about 5 minutes! Our system allows contractors, homebuilders, and owner builders to quote, buy and issue a policy online. Buy a builders risk policy now. Click Here!

 Contractor Bonds

Hunter Contractor Bonds specializes in bonds for contractors, including License Bonds, Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds, and Bid Bonds. We can help you get a quote, buy and issue your bond today.


Contractor Payment Bonds

Contractor Payment Bonds are a type of contract bond that guarantees that a contractor will pay suppliers, laborers, and subcontractors for labor and materials.

 Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance could help cover the costs of lost wages or medical bills of an employee, related to on the job injuries or illness.

 Tools and Equipment Coverage

With a good Inland Marine Insurance policy from Hunter Insurance, most portable tools and equipment are covered.


Contractor Bid Bonds

Contractor Bid Bonds are used as security for bids submitted on a contract. Placing security on a bid ensures that the bidder will execute the contract at the bid price, upon award of the bid.

Hunter Insurance Services works with contractors every day to find the best contractor insurance policies for their ever changing needs. We can help with all of your contractor insurance and bonding needs and can get you low monthly payments on most contractor insurance policies. Call us at 855.280.8262 or complete the form at the top of this page for your free Contractor Insurance quote.