Is the State Compensation Insurance Fund Your Best Option?

Hunter Insurance Services helps business save money on insurance. Whether you are a large construction contractor or a small restaurant we can help lower your workers' compensation insurance rates. We understand that managing workers compensation for any number of employees can be a complicated task. Our team is standing by to help you find the solution right solution for your unique business needs.

The State Compensation Insurance Fund was established in 1914 by the California state legislature, and is California’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance. State Fund supports California’s entrepreneurial spirit by providing workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses and new ventures that often have difficulty securing workers’ comp insurance from other markets.

Many business owners find themselves in a situation where it appears that the State Compensation Insurance Fund is their only option. However, there are alternatives to the state insurance fund, and we have access to those alternate markets. Hunter Insurances writes State Fund and understands the market. We have successfully migrated clients into alternative markets and helped save them money on their workers’ comp insurance.

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