Hunter Insurance Services specializes in insurance for contractors. From Contractor General Liability Insurance to Tools and Equipment Coverage, Hunter Insurance shops top the top contractor insurance markets to find you the best rates and coverage.

When shopping for contractor insurance, don’t forget about your valuable mobile assets like Tools and Equipment. Your tools are the backbone of your contracting business, so it is important to have an insurance policy to protect those valuable assets. Tools and Equipment Coverage, also known as Inland Marine Insurance, is designed to protect mobile property, such as skid loaders, generators, welders, and compressors. Inland Marine Insurance can also protect high-value handheld power tools with comprehensive coverage and other small pieces of equipment used while operating your business.

Insuring yourself and business properly with Inland Marine coverage for your tools and equipment is essential for small businesses that move equipment from jobsite to jobsite. Property damage and theft have been on the rise, and protecting your tools and equipment when they are on the move is another way Hunter Insurance Services can keep you focused on job, and not on the worries of unexpected loss of your valuable equipment and assets.

Hunter Insurance has you covered at every level. Inland Marine coverage for your valuable tools and equipment is just click or call away. Contact Hunter Insurance Services today at 855.280.8262 or complete the form at the top of this page for your free Tools and Equipment coverage quote.